• This is What Happens When You Post a Spanish Job Ad in Phoenix

    This is What Happens When You Post a Spanish Job Ad in Phoenix

    In the last week I have been called the ‘B word’, accused of hiring illegal immigrants, and told that Donald Trump is going to deport me back to Mexico.  Yes, you guessed it. I am posting a job in Spanish on Craigslist. The featured image (above and below) is the typical negative response that I receive if I dare post a job in Spanish on a public forum such as the local Phoenix job forum on As you can see, the user is beside himself as he cannot fathom how som ...

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  • How I Made it Seven weeks without a Car in Phoenix

    What I saw when I came out in the morning...

    Well it all started on September 8th on what is remembered (at least by me) in the valley as the great Phoenix flood. My car happened to be stationed in a hapless parking lot that did not have any type of drainage. This wasn’t major issue until we got over 6 inches of rain this particular late night.  So you know how rare this is, Phoenix is a desert which means it gets less than 10″ of rain per year.  When I finally came out to check on my car it was already flooded past the eng ...

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  • Life Lessons – The Beer Diet


    Notions of a Beer Diet So after meeting my friend Evo Terra told me all about how he loses 20 pounds every October consuming nothing but beer and sausage, I knew I had to try it for myself. Evo, the inventor of the beer diet, even has written a book about the diet, called The Beer Diet: A Brew Story.  On a flight home from Miami I finished the hilarious book and decided I had to at least try it.  That next week, Evo and I met for beers and I told him I was going to do it for a week. Evo ki ...

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  • Take my Business Card Like You Mean It


    The Problem: Business Card Etiquette I handed the poorly dressed banker my card, and within a split second it was engulfed in an over-sized plaid pocket, destined to be crumpled and forgotten in an old shoe box, its only hope to be resurrected one day as a desperate entrepreneur puts together a hodgepodge email list. Please look at my card! If I hand you my business card and it is brushed away without nary a look, this is what it means to me: a. You don’t have any interest in who I a ...

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  • To the Friendly People of New Jersey


    This may sound like a satire but I truly want to voice my thanks over two semi-amazing events that occurred in the Garden State yesterday. For me it is just another reminder of why you cant judge a book by its cover, or someone from New Jersey by their gruff reputation. Event 1 – Can I pay Half? So I wake up in the Flatiron section of lower Manhattan well aware I need to give a presentation to one of my best clients in Morristown, NJ at 10am. I had timed out how long it would take me to ...

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  • Eric One, Priceline Zero


    Sometimes David beats Goliath, sometimes the Florida Marlins win, and occasionally one is able to fight the man and win. Priceline, for all their advertising showing themselves as a hip, friendly company is anything but that if you ever have to deal with their customer service. For brevity’s sake I wont elaborate with much of the detail, but the gist of it is I tried to use Priceline as I often do for a one night stay in Denver. After 4 attempts in which the Priceline automated response ...


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  • Backpacking near Payson: A Bad Night for the Super-Pencil

    A wind-blown tree showed the damage of the night before.

    This past March, fresh from reading the book 127 hours about how the guy cuts his arm off in order to escape entrapment while backpacking, I decided to give the sport a whirl for myself.  I didn’t lose a limb, but there were a few moments of delirium for sure… The Location I decided to tackle the Y Bar – Barnhardt Loop trail near Payson, AZ in the high country. It looked like a nice 1-2 night roundabout. As I am not an experienced backpacker, I planned on two nights outdo ...

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  • Living Like a Viking: My Icelandic Adventure

    Old friends from the 2008 Northeastern MBA class reunite in Iceland

    What a trip. Finally made it to Iceland to visit my good grad school buddy, Magnus.  Actually, almost all my grad school buddies made the trip to Iceland, including John, Rich and his wife Elizabeth, Pat and his wife Sarah, and Christina Tiani and Eliz.  Below I share a few of the most memorable moments from my recent trip to the island combined with a few pictures that complete the tale.  A Hectic Morning Arrival to Reykjavik Getting to Reykjavik is slightly difficult from the west coast ...

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  • Downtown LA is not the Ghetto

    macarthur park

    Mixed Feelings Ill admit that most of my reasoning for liking or disliking a city tends to be directly correlated to how I feel about their basketball team. I love new York because I love the Knicks. I hate Miami because I hate the Heat. And LA, well don’t get me started on that bandwagon team. But as seems to be the case recently, actually visiting and taking in the city in a new light tends to change my mind. So I went to LA last week for a conference at LA live. Overall, a brilli ...

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